Write a Cookbook! Cookbook Writing Secrets

Write a Cookbook! Cookbook Writing SecretsClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever thought of writing a cookbook? Maybe you’re thinking about it now for the first time. Either way, if the thought of writing a cookbook has ever entered your mind, you really need to read every word on this page because There’s Money in Cookbooks.

Did you know that cookbooks are one of the top two best-selling genres of all books, second only to mystery novels? That’s right – more cookbooks are sold than any other type of book with the exception of mysteries! Incredibly, cookbooks out-sell romance novels, biographies, self help books, heath and nutrition titles…you name it.

Cookbook sales make up a very substantial portion of all book sales in the publishing industry.

The market for cookbooks is endless and insatiable. Cookbook buyers typically don’t buy just one cookbook. They often don’t stop after several. Cookbook buyers frequently have huge collections of cookbooks. And they’re always interested in more.

Consumers purchase a whopping 60 million cookbooks each year. And that’s just the figure for North America. The numbers of cookbooks sold in any given year are equally staggering in the UK, Europe and many other parts of the globe as well. Foreign rights sales of your cookbook can add up to even more additional income when you become a cookbook author. Cookbooks are a huge, thriving, lucrative industry.

Think about it. People give cookbooks as gifts. They read them for pleasure. They collect them. They proudly display them on their bookshelves, in their kitchens and on their coffee tables. And of course, they use them for their very practical purpose – to cook from!

Everyone eats. And almost everyone will at some point cook or bake and use a cookbook to try and do it better.

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