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Welcome to Comfort Food HQ! Shawna here. I am originally from the Midwest (Wisconsin, then Illinois), and now live in California. Although I agree eating healthy is a good thing, I still get cravings for the old-fashioned recipes I remember from my childhood. ┬áMac and cheese, meatloaf, crazy gooey brownies — yum! And I’m not the only one, by far.

To that end my team and I have compiled a collection of fabulous and tasty comfort foods from around the internet. Whether you are craving something sweet, savory, or salty, you can find it here.

Please feel free to contact the team at Comfort Food HQ with any questions or comments as we are always striving to make our site valuable to our visitors.

Legalese: this website is “legally” an advertisement, and if you make a purchase via clicking on ads we earn a small commission. We use these commissions to defray administration costs and hosting fees. If you object to our earning any fees from this website, please do not use this website.

Thank you and happy eating!


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